by Clara Vasilescu

My therapist asked me what femininity is to me. Truly, what does that word entail? It has sat in my mind, like a foreign concept that I simply did not know how to approach. In what ways do I express my feminine energy? How do I value myself? 
What an elusive word. It is so mysterious to me, yet so simple. Like a revelation that comes to you on the brink of the warmest sleep, gone and forgotten with the rising sun. I had never really thought about it. I felt awkward sitting with this question, uncomfortable as a father is about his daughter’s womanly issues. I felt like a man observing the feminine, with clumsy hands and assumptions. A stranger. I have trouble thinking about it for too long, so, I will take it slow. 
Femininity to me is caring, it’s a warm and understanding hug. It is creation and the soft glowing light of the moon. Moving water, waterfalls. Nature and colours, laughter and community. It is comfort and the divine. I express it by being good towards myself and open to others. I see it in my smile and my helping hand. I see it in my drive and will power, in my deep understanding of those around me. In touch and in tone. I feel it through my clothes and my makeup, my jewelry. My naked body, a land of curves and valleys, a tall tree bending with the wind, but never breaking. Femininity is quiet and loud. It sings and it writes, and it paints. It’s creative and free and intuitive. It is safe and natural and ascending. It is transformational and ever changing. It is beautiful. And smart. And lovely. 
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